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Feel the warmth.

We all need a shopping partner. Let us be yours! Feel a sense of comfort as soon as you walk through our doors.

We have a mission to make swimsuit shopping fun. 
Our shop is a safe space for all women. Here, you’ll feel comfortable in our dressing rooms and in your own skin. Come in, hang out and take your time. We’re in no rush.

We have a women’s only section to make sure every customer feels safe trying swimwear on. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean your man can’t come shopping. He can hang out in our boyfriend chairs while you’re getting fitted.

It’s summertime somewhere.

It’s not only about the swimsuit you have on. It’s about the beachwear accessories in your bag, the suncare on your skin and the shades you’re wearing. We carry all that and more.

Let’s make it a party.

Call your closest friends and plan a shopping trip together. No matter the occasion, we have a fitting room with your name on it. Shopping is always better when you’re with your girlfriends.